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    Sun Salinas Beach Hotel offers the following tourist information you can visit
     our spa:


 v CENTURY MUSEUM v $ $ 2.50 per pax

     Located on the boardwalk and the streets and Guayas Quila, are objects of  
     maritime activity, remains found in boats, replicas of coins of the galleon La
     Capitana, has a consistent infrastructure to accommodate 50 visitors per
     day, is a museum worthy to visit since it has the pre-Hispanic history.


v MUSEUM LOVERS SUMP $ 2.50 dollars per pax

     The site is located southeast of the town of Santa Elena, on the peninsula of
    the same name and your income is from the city of Guayaquil. Sumper native
    is the name of the Peninsula of Santa Elena and the archaeological site
    known as Las Vegas. The archaeological site is a settlement in preceramic
    contexts where there are habitable, a garbage dump and a cemetery.


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Salinas: Main Avenue entering Salinas, a block away from Rubira School

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Office in Guayaquil Main Office: Ave. de las Américas. Cdla. Simón Bolívar Block 4 Lot 25.    

Across form the DAC (Air Navigation Services)

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